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Homestretch book cover

The Art of Finishing Life Well
This book will assist seniors, as well as “juniors”, in balancing the core life pursuits of solitude and quest, joy and service, surrender and legacy.

ISBN: 978-0-557-02865-8
143 pages, softbound
Artwork by Millard Sheets and Tony Sheets

  Wholly Joy book cover Wholly Joy
Being Happy In an Unhappy World
This set of inspirational essays explores the heart of life’s mission—finding and spreading joy wherever we’re planted on this earth. Indeed, as the Hindus remind, “only the Whole is joy.”

ISBN: 0-9715421-0-4
Inspirational Life
151 pages, softbound
Barking Rocks Press
Illustrations by Tony Sheets

Friendship Chronicles book cover Friendship Chronicles
Letters Between a Gay and a Straight Man
In this intimate exchange of letters, Tom and his friend Chris Hassett explore a wide range of issues. Although their perspectives on life and death, sex and love, more often blend, the differences are notable. Their shared friendship will touch every reader.

ISBN: 0-9630636-1-8
Men’s Issues/Friendship
192 pages, softbound
Bald Eagle Mountain Press
Illustrations by Jim Bess and Dan Lund

  Staying Together book cover Staying Together
40 Ways to Make Your Marriage Work
Simple, usable suggestions for committed couples who want greater fun and fulfillment from their partnership. Owen-Towle draws on personal experience as well as decades of couple counseling.

ISBN: 0-931104-21-1
77 pages, softbound
Sunflower Ink
Illustrations by Millard Sheets

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