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Sauntering book cover Sauntering
A Soul Journey In the Woods with Thoreau as My Guide
150 years after Thoreau took his celebrated journey to Walden Pond, Owen-Towle spun this book of meditative essays—the fruits of explorations into soul and nature. “Tom has given us a simple and sincere account of a modern spiritual journey. This is a book about finding, or perhaps re-finding, oneself.”
— Dr. Robert D. Richardson

ISBN: 0-9630636-2-6
Thoreau/Personal Growth
170 pages, softbound
Bald Eagle Mountain Press
Illustrations by Millard and Tony Sheets

  Generation to Generation book cover Generation to Generation
Passing Along the Good Life to Your Children
One father’s attempt to share wisdom and humor with his children while he is still living. Fifty-two “love letters” form an “ethical will.” His kids found they couldn’t put it down and neither will you. Share this book with the people you cherish.

ISBN: 0-931104-19-X
Home/Family Life
143 pages, softbound
Sunflower Ink
Illustrations by Millard Sheets

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